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About JackalBerry

JackalBerry was founded in 2013 to bring affordable, authentic, handcrafted leather products to the South African market.

When our owner & founder couldn’t find a leather handbag she could customise, so she decided to make her own. It was so popular among friends & family, she started taking customised orders. And so JackalBerry was formed.

All our materials are sourced locally and our products hand made in Johannesburg.

Why we don't brand our bags

While this may not be viewed as best practice, we believe very strongly that the bag you customise is made for YOU.

When we started JackalBerry, we made a decision to manufacture customised bags that made YOU, our customers, feel special and unique. It’s for this reason that we do not place our branding on the outside the bags.

We want you to know that it is YOUR bag and was mad especially for YOU.

JackalBerry is all about the collaboration with the owner. So while we might get some extra marketing out of having our branding on the bags, we hope that our customers love our bags so much that they spread the word about THEIR bags for us:)

Local is Lekker

We are a proudly South African brand that uses local materials and supports local artisans. By supporting us you are supporting and helping small South African businesses to grow.

Customised bags
Locally Sourced Materials


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