COVID delivery

Unfortunately, due to the current COVID crisis and extended lockdown we are currently unable to manufacture and deliver our custom bags until we reach the level that permits us to. It is because of this that we are currently uncertain when we’ll be able to complete and deliver your bag.

We are however offering anyone that has ordered a bag as a gift, a customised gift card with whatever you’d like on it.

Our sincere apologies. We would like nothing more than to go back to producing our customised bags, but we’re stuck in this situation.

We are so appreciative of the support we have received which has allowed us to keep our doors open and our staff employed.

It is because of this uncertainty that we have offered a free gift with every purchase over a certain amount. We know it doesn’t ease the frustration but it’s just something small we hope will add to the excitement when you do receive your bag!

We will communicate with you regularly about updates.

Delivery info

We normally deliver in South Africa within 7 days for stock items and within 3-4 weeks for customised products.

For delivery to international destinations, please contact us. The delivery time will be a minimum of 2 weeks.

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